My postman

I just met the postman by my mailbox (I was getting out of the car as he was nearing our house for delivery) and he stopped and asked me “Ma’am – may I ask – What kind of coffee do you drink?” and I just looked at him with a puzzled look, trying to figure out why he was asking me this question.

After seeing the puzzled look on my face, he continues his story, offering up the reason for his question “I just love coffee and you order this coffee through the mail and it smells so wonderful. I am just wondering where you buy it from.” So I tell him where we buy our coffee (from a local roaster in Americus, GA called “Cafe Campesino” – they roast to order and it’s delicious. Every time we’ve given the beans as gifts, they are well received and appreciated.

So I just ordered a pound of beans to be delivered to our house next week – just for him. I made sure to ask him if he’s working next week and he confimed that he will be on duty. He insisted that he only wanted 1 cup of coffee, but he’s going to get a pound of fresh beans. I made sure he had a bean grinder. He confirmed that he did. I am glad to spread the holiday spirit. Giving a great gift can be so much fun.

The ironic part is that I struggled with what to do for him to show my appreciation to him for doing his job so well. Our packages are never left out in the rain (if they don’t fit inside our mailbox. He walks them up to the front porch if necessary. He and our UPS man have been on my list of people I wished to show appreciation to during the holidays. Yes, they are just “doing their job” – but I can’t help but feel that they may feel as though it’s a thankless job.

What have you done to make someone’s Holiday season a bit brighter this year?

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