Slingin’ Bling

I’m a serial crafter. I not only sew, but I crochet, knit and pick up other crafty skills on a regular basis. Every year, there’s a sewing expo that comes to our city early during the month of March. I actually met my best friend in Atlanta at this very event – 8 years ago. It’s a weekend on my calendar where I usually immerse myself in sewing, fabric and related crafts. I attend a number of classes throughout the weekend, spend way too much money on crap that I rarely get around to using. I’ve learned my lesson – stay busy that weekend and save money!

My blingy lanyard

Since I’m in between jobs right now, I just resigned myself to not going this year. I was going to miss seeing my sewing sisters, but I would stay busy with another hobby and just not think about it. The day before the expo is scheduled to begin, I get an email. A vendor needs help in her booth and it’s a paid position. She needs help demonstrating her products in her booth for a few hours each day. The position is only for 5 hours of each day, which means that I would have a few hours to shop in the expo hall and as a vendor, I would receive free admission to the vendor hall (usually a $10/day admission fee). I immediately called the vendor and after a short discussion, she agreed to meet me the next morning – 30 minutes before the expo hall opened – to show me how to use her products. She suggested that I bring something to decorate. I decided to bring a denim apron that I wear when I dye fabrics. It was the perfect canvas for some bling!

My plain denim apron was fancy after I decorated it with some bling!

At the end of the three days, I made a new friend, some money to spend at the sewing expo and gathered plenty of knowledge of how to dress up my silk scarves and many other crafty projects with these products. While I was initially not the type of person who would have set foot in this booth in the past, I now see how adding just a touch of sparkle can add just the right interest to a finished piece to make it that much more special. I brought my camera and lens cases to embellish as well as a few silk scarves. I was able to do a bit of shopping (not too much, I stayed within my budget of what I earned working at the expo), and visit with my sewing sisters (our ASG booth was directly across from the booth where I worked). In summary, it was a very successful weekend!

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