I recently finished my first pair of socks – and it only took me 2 years to do so.  In my quest to learn to knit socks, I was questioned by someone as to why on earth I’d want to knit my own socks. My reply helped me to understand myself better – “I like the challenge. It was something I thought would be challenging – I mean, who knows how to knit socks?” The same can be said for making my own bathing suits – which I have been known to do. More to come on that later… Bottom line – I like to be challenged – in my work life and in my crafty life.

My first pair of knitted socks

So, despite myself and my crappy knitting karma, I finished my third sock (the first of the 2nd pair) in about a week. Many woes were had with this sock, so I should just be happy it’s finished and not so pissed off that it looks like a sock knit for an elf.

My first woe was that my local yarn store did not have the needles in the size I needed, they were a smidge bigger than the pattern I had called for. I was also limited by the amount of yarn I had – two balls of sock yarn that I picked up at a big box store, wooed in by the colors of the yarn. Oh, and I might add that the needles I purchased where metal, square, double pointed needles. Another first for me. I usually choose bamboo because they hold the stiches better and don’t slide off so easily. The bonus of using metal needles? I learn to pick up my dropped stiches – woot! It’s all about perspective, right?

My new sock needles (top) that are square/metal and my old sock needles below (round/bamboo)

So I come home with my new, slippery, square needles and proceed to knit my swatch, even though I really was to lazy to really care about the sock size.  In the end, I was glad I did because I sat back, measured it and thought “It’s bigger, but not horrifically so…let me give it a go, it will probably all work out”. WRONG.  I got down to the leg of the sock and tried it on and it looked like a leg-warmer. Nope, rip it all out and google “Create your own sock pattern knitting” and boom – found a website that gives you the formula to make your own sock pattern. I measured my gauge and my ankle – per the instructions and went on my merry little way. Nothing could stop me now! WRONG, again.

The dogs got ahold of it one morning and thought it was their toy. The end result were many a dropped stitch and I had to rip a good bit of the leg out. Needless to say, much re-work had to be done. I am glad to say that I was able to fix the issues myself and proceeded very well until I got to the heel flap – and when I went from knitting on a flat flap and turning my work to knitting in the round, it threw me for a loop. I always seem to have issues with the #$($* heel flap! I kept getting purl stitches on the knit side. I set it aside and then I’d come back to it – same issue. I set it aside and sewed up a super hero swimsuit and my superhero powers told me – try knitting the other way – and you know what? IT. WORKED. I was knitting counter clockwise and once I started going clockwise, the thing came together and my stitches – all of a sudden, they got along!  Then there was no stopping me….or so I thought…

I get to the toe decreases – and I’m told by some that I have freakishly long toes.

My freakishly long toes

Well, they might be right – because I was done with my toe decreases and I still had a good bt of my toe sticking out.

Toe decreases are done and I still have toes showing! Oh my!

Here we go again. I ripped it out and started my toe decreases again. Working an extra even round on top of what the pattern called for. Then I get down to 8 stitches and it looks like an elf sock. I back it up to 10 stitches and it’s better, but still efl-like. At that point, I called it a day and did the kitchner stitch to end the elfy sock. I’d had enough. The sad thing is that I will have to knit another just like this one. I did take good notes on what I did so I can duplicate the elf look. It’s also sad that the sock fits – my pinkie toe hits right where the toe decreases start, so I think it’s anatomically correct. I must just have elf toes :(

And here’s the finished product – off to knit the other one now!

A side view - not so elfy, right?

The sock in all it's elfy glory!

UPDATE: I hated the sock so much – and it was not comfortable at all – that I ripped it out to above the toe decreases and I am re-doing the toe over again. I’ll experiment with different toes and find one I like. I was in a funk all night over this silly sock and how ugly and uncomfortable it was that I just decided to re-do it. Thankfully, I was able to get all of my stitches back on the needles, which was very comforting. I’ll update the post with a new picture and details once it is complete (again).

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2 Responses to Frankensock

  1. Marge says:

    We should let Frankenscarf and Frankensock mate…what might come out of it? Frankenhat?

  2. admin says:

    Hmmm, perhaps a hat would be the offspring of the frankenscarf + the frankensocks – They’d have to be in the same country, though and frankensock’s mate is saying there’s no budget for travel :(

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