Crazy Cajun Vocabulary

Like any couple that has been together for years, my husband and I have developed a bit of our own vocabulary. This post will enlighten you to some of the terms we’ve come to define in our home life together.

The first concept I want to introduce you to is the toilet paper fairy. I suppose you could define the toilet paper fairy as an imaginary “friend” in our house who has the responsibility of going around to the various bathrooms in the house and re-stocking the toilet paper supply. The toilet paper fairy magically does his/her job and there’s always a roll of new toilet paper at the ready should someone need one. When we see that a bathroom is running low on reserve toilet paper supply, we joke that the toilet paper fairy needs to make the rounds, delivering fresh toilet paper rolls to those bathrooms in need.

Next, I’d like to tell you about the “laundry shuffle”. No, it’s not the latest dance craze! The laundry shuffle is the act of shuffling laundry between the washing machine and/or the dryer or hanging the clothes to dry. We’ll frequently report to one another that “I did the laundry shuffle” today before I left for work….or “I put some clothes on to wash, so I’ll need you to do the laundry shuffle when you get in from the office”

Just thought we’d share some of our crazy Cajun antics that we engage in at home. What are some of your terms for duties/tasks/chores at home? My husband and I can’t be the only couple that creates their own vocabulary of words.

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