Nudity at our Mardi Gras Party

After re-reading my Mardi Gras post the other day and realizing that I mentioned making gallons of hurricanes and then shortly after that a young child barricaded himself in our bathroom and promptly removed his clothes, I felt compelled to clarify the story a bit.

No, the child was not inebriated – there is purely an innocent reason for a small child to disrobe in my bathroom and I had nothing to do with it, I promise. To start the story off right, let me set the scene:

I am chatting with the wife of a co-worker of mine. We’ll call her Guest #1. We are having a lovely conversation when Guest #2 approaches. Here’s how the conversation goes:

Guest 2 (to me): “Is there another restroom we can use – upstairs, perhaps?”

Me: :“Sure! Is there something wrong with the downstairs one?” (concerned it may need attention)

Guest #2: “No, but there is a young boy in there and he will not come out.”

Guest #1 (interjecting): “Is he naked?”

Me: (very puzzled look on my face and thinking to myself “Why on earth would she ask THAT?)

Guest #2 (replying to Guest #1): “Why yes, he is naked.”

Guest #1 (rushes off): “Oh, that’s my child. He does this sometimes.”

After all was settled and the boy was clothed again and had agreed to exit the restroom, it was explained to me (I don’t have children) that some children do this (especially boys) during their potty training years.

I thought it was hilarious and think it’s a funny story to share (while keeping the identities of those involved anonymous). The parents were quite¬†embarrassed¬†– the child, not so much. I will never forget my “What on earth” reaction to the “Is he naked ?” question in that conversation. Good times.

Where would we be without all those Crazy Cajuns out there. Just think – there would be no Mardi Gras and no stories like this to share!

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