How NOT to pump gas

It’s amazing how many memories of my childhood have come flooding back since starting this blog. This one came to me during a routine visit to the gas station to fill up my car. Another one of my father’s quirky habits was to shake and/or rock the car as he was pumping gas. As a child, it was annoying and somewhat embarassing to sit there and bob side to side with the car as your father is outside, shaking it while he’s pumping gas. Whenever we inquired as to why he must shake the car (we noticed others did not partake in this practice), he would explain to us that it helped to mix the old gas in with the new gas. Really? We believed that crap? Well, I thought it was kind of strange, but whatever. He was the parent and he knew better and it wasn’t always good to question my father. He could be grumpy at times.

So there we would sit, rocking from side to side every time we went with him to fill up the car with gasoline. When recounting this memory to my mother, she said that he did it so that he could get more gas into the tank. Whatever the reason for this odd behavior, it wasn’t always fun to be IN the car when he was filling up the tank.

The memory made me curious, so I googled it. Ah, the wonders of technology. The official consensus is that shaking the car while pumping gas does NOT allow you to pump more in the tank. HA! If he were alive today, I’ll call him up and have a lively discussion. I wonder if he can see me sticking out my tongue from up above? :P

While we’re on the subject, I do recall him also running out of gas so much that he began to carry a gas can in the trunk of his car. For our sake, I surely hope it was never full, but I never had the nerve to ask him :)

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